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City Limits: A Journey Through the World’s Greatest Urban Landscapes

City Limits: A Journey Through the World’s Greatest Urban Landscapes

By germana

We ask thousands of city dwellers around the world questions about their current situation. We want to know about the bar and restaurant scene. the galleries of art and the theater. dating apps and the nightlife, how the neighbors act and which neighborhoods actually have cool vibes The goal is to provide a global overview of city life and direct visitors to the destinations that locals are raving about.

Every year, we compile a list of the world’s greatest cities based on all that data, as always. The list has been focusing on how cities managed to stay together during the pandemic and make lockdowns almost bearable. However, the world is now opening up again after two years of travel restrictions, and we, like you, are eager to get back out there.

Therefore, in 2022, we have given extra weight to the qualities that make cities great places to live and visit, even though community spirit and resilience were two of the most important factors last year. This year, the cities with the best nightlife, delicious food, and numerous museums, art, and culture are our top picks.Additionally, we made sure that our top picks scored well for sustainability and practical factors like walkability, good public transportation, and safety.

We have also tapped into our global network of expert editors and contributors to get the inside scoop on what is new, what is popping off, and what is making each city tick right now. These are the places to go if you’re planning a city break this year, especially if it’s your first in a very, very long time. I’ll see you there.

  1. Edinburgh’s greatest strengths: Everything about Edinburgh is well-known to everyone. But at any time of the year, the capital of Scotland is hard to beat because it has landmarks, architecture, and scenic hotspots that make it one of the most beautiful cities to walk around. It also has a food and drink scene with a constantly changing selection of forward-thinking bars and restaurants, like the new Leith restaurant and wine bar Eleanore and Bonnie & Wild’s Scottish Marketplace in the St. James Quarter. Through its art, culture, and nightlife, this warm city encourages community self-expression. It’s progressive and always open to people of all backgrounds, which is why 88% of locals told us that it’s easy to “express who you are” in the city. In addition, those festivals will be returning in August… Visit now because: Ka Pao, an Asian-inspired favorite in Glasgow, Ocelot, a chocolate café in Stockbridge, and Cocorico, a neighborhood favorite in Leith, are three excellent new establishments that are worth checking out. The Port of Leith Distillery on the waterfront will also be the first “vertical distillery” in Scotland for the city.
  2. What makes Chicago great: It might have been an extreme week for our city, however we realize Chicago will get through: In this year’s Index, which was the fourth highest in the world, 55% of locals described it as resilient, and we would be inclined to agree. We have emerged stronger and more united after two years of intermittent restrictions, and our beloved Midwest metropolis is once again flourishing—so much so that it was also voted the funnest city in the world this year. There is never a dull moment to be had (yes, even in the winter), whether you want to try world-class dining, party until 4am in historic clubs, spend the day soaking up the sun on Lake Michigan, see iconic artwork, or just wander around different neighborhoods.

Visit right away due to: The culinary scene is taking off. We’re talking about everything from the country’s first Michelin-starred Filipino tasting menu and sleek, high-end restaurants on Randolph Street to some of the best mom-and-pop Mexican restaurants in big US cities.

  1. Medelln What makes us outstanding: Medelln, also known as the “City of Eternal Spring,” offers more than just pleasant weather throughout the year. The Paisa people are brimming with energy, entrepreneurship, and curiosity, and they are fervently proud of their city—the only one in Colombia with a metro system. It’s impossible not to make friends here. Medelln’s nightlife was named the best in the world in this year’s survey, which may not come as much of a surprise considering that this is the city that produced J Balvin, Maluma, and Karol G. El Social, Salón Amador, Vintrash, or any bar along La 70 will show you how to have a good time.

Visit right away due to: Configuration forward shop lodgings, as Quinta Ladera and Milestone, are springing up all around the city, displaying amazing Colombian craftsmanship. Meanwhile, Casa El Ramal, a chic cocktail bar in Manila, just opened, and Mad Radio in Provenza features DJ sets from Medellin and beyond.

  1. Glasgow’s greatest strengths: Easygoing consideration and amiableness win in the city cast a ballot most amiable in the current year’s File. Glasgow is very good at being social and going out. Dancing literally helps keep the lights on at SWG3, the first body-heated club in the world. After a long absence, there are now two Michelin-starred restaurants—Cail Bruich and Unalome—but a growing dining scene is best characterized by friendliness and value (Glasgow was the second least likely city to be described as expensive). You and your favorite band deserve to enjoy live music in the dusty Barrowland Ballroom, which has remained the reassuringly constant temple.

Visit right away due to: Natural wine bar and vegetarian/vegan restaurant Sylvan continues Glasgow’s tradition of high-quality meat-free dining long before it became fashionable. Crabshakk, which serves excellent seafood and cocktails, and Big Counter, which is unclassifiable in the best possible way, are two other top-tier recent openings.